Birthday Wish and Perfect Gifts for Birthday

  • 03-Oct-2016

A birthday comes only once in the whole year. Neither do we ever grow too old for our birthday nor do we 
stop wishing for surprises. It's an inscrutable feeling of elation that we have when we wake up in the morning. 
And imagine if we actually received the perfect gift ! Wouldn't it be just lovely if some one knew us so well that they can pick the right things for us ?

Well, that's what gifting is all about. It might seem like a chore on your to do list. But to the recipient it means 
a lot more. It means you've taken out time from your busy schedule and you've put in enough thought to make the person's day special.

Don't make buying gifts just another entry in your calendar. It's your chance to bond better with your loved ones.
 When you see the delight on the person's face you'll remember the moment for the rest of the day and smile too. 

While buying a gift the most important thing to keep in mind is the kind of relationship you have with the recipient.
 There are gifts that make it seem too personal and then there are casual gifts. A casual gift is relatively easier to 
choose as compared to a personal one.  You can check out the display shelves at gift shops or explore quick gift sections 
on the Internet and your search for a casual gift will end. 

The personal gift on the other hand requires a little more effort, both in terms of time and thought. How long have you known 
the person, how close are you, and what do you want to exactly express? We all know gifts are the physical representation of 
our actual thoughts. If thoughts were enough we would never have to actually buy gifts. So , whereas you might think that all 
greeting cards are the same and all mugs have just something scribbled on them. The person receiving it actually makes an 
effort to read those very words and interprets them as your feelings. 

So this year make a list of all the people you care about and explore options for them. Take time to actually read the unseen
 feelings expressed on a gift and make someone's day even more special. Don't take it as a tiresome chore you'll have to do
 every year and come to 'logical' conclusions like "if I do it this year they'll expect it every year". That's not how planned 
anyone's life is. So give in to your impulsive feelings and express them. You'll have that elated feeling too when you wake up on your special day!!