How to find appropriate helper from maid employment agencies

  • 05-Aug-2016

When it comes to looking after the household needs and taking care of the children, many parents are overwhelmed, during this situation, maids can be the perfect helpers .Experienced maids can efficiently assist people for in all areas, ranging from household chores to taking care of elderly, giving people time for more important things in their life. When searching for a suitable and compatible maid, it often takes a lot of effort and time. Most often, people are not quite sure on how to select the most compatible and suitable maid. Instead of losing in the sea of information provided by some references, it will be wiser to choose a good maid agency which provides a user-friendly, fast-searching and low cost service platform for this purpose.

There are plenty of maids in Singapore from different countries, anyone can easily search for a suitable helper if they are clear of what they are looking for. Unfortunately, finding a dependable and suitable Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) can be a challenging task for many people. Below are few steps which help you in finding a trustworthy and suitable maid to rely on:

Finding a right maid service agency- Licensed maid agencies can be easily found by visiting Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website. To find some other good maid employment agencies in Singapore, one can also go through the websites of employment accreditation bodies like Case Trust.
Searching and interviewing the maid: Once you find foreign domestic helpers which meets your requirements, they can be easily interviewed even if they are not in Singapore. The employers can have an appointment with the maid or the employment agency to ensure that the services meet their requirements.
Applying for work permit for the helper- The employers apply for work permit online and most of the times, agency can do it for them. All the formalities are done by the maid employment agencies in Singapore on your behalf so that everything becomes fast and easy for you.
Performing documentation and other necessary formalities: The final step includes document submission for work permission card processing, collecting the maid and other important formalities like medical check-up and MOM-stipulated test. All this is done by the agency itself and if everything works smoothly, the maid can collect work permit card within a few days.
The licensed maid agencies in Singapore also acts a middleman for all those who are seeking maid jobs in Singapore. Once of such licensed agencies is Maid It Right, which provides fast, reliable and low-cost solutions with full support. To ensure that you are getting maid good services from expert and reliable professionals, it is indispensable to choose such agencies which are licensed with MOM. So if you are looking for a maid job agency visit for more information.