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Tejas Hospital in Bangalore , Karnataka , 7/5/2019 1:10:30 AM .

Tejas Hospital, 11/A, 9th Main, 13th Cross, Sector 6 Landmark: Near BDA Bus Stop HSR Layout, Bangalore, karnataka, india - 560102

9535217000, 9535217000

Dr. Joe is an aesthetic specialist, passionate in the field of making people look and feel their best, completed his MBBS from Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore and Post Graduate in MD Dermatology from BLDE University, Karnataka. The code followed by him is that of a scientific, result-oriented approach. He is a well-traveled individual as well, exposed to all the pioneering contributions medical science can offer today, so he will see to it that you get the treatment suited for you. Dr. Joe possesses two of the most effective dermatological equipment to treat conditions where regular medications or spa treatments fail. One of these is the crown jewel of aesthetic dermatology today, of which only three such machines are available in Bangalore: the Endymed Pro, an all in one device that uses the power of radio frequency to perform micro-needling, skin resurfacing and body and facial contouring. This device has revolutionized the entire landscape of modern-day dermatology as it follows the principle of skin reconstruction from within. The advantage of following this principle is that the downtime is reduced and you can return to work the very next day of course following a few basic sun protection guidelines and instructions. The machine can treat a myriad of aesthetic issues including control of active acne and wrinkle reduction. The other machine is the IPL laser hair remover that guarantees the removal of unsightly hair within a matter of three months with an aggressive treatment approach at competitive prices. Dr. Joe also believes in the power of nutritional supplementation into one's lifestyle. He is a strong proponent of the scientifically proven theory that eternal youthfulness can only be achieved through proper diet and the right nutritional supplementation which he will share further to satisfy the curious side of you on consultation. Book your appointment today and enter into a new day of eternal youthfulness with the guiding hands and wisdom of Dr. Joe Thomas. The Ageless Clear Skin Clinic is a creation of Dr Joe Thomas, MD Dermatology, with the sole objective of reaching the eternally youthful person you desire to be. The clinic provides treatment for some of the most common aesthetic issues such as acne or pimples, excess unsightly body hair, warts, moles, wrinkles, skin tags, hair fall, aging skin and more. The clinic is fitted with one of the finest machines, the Endymed Pro radiofrequency microneedling and resurfacing device one of only three that exist in in Bangalore today, using the principle of inducing the body’s ability to release its own healing factors and repair the damaged skin. Please visit the Ageless Clear Skin Clinic and have your queries and concerns cleared with Dr Joe Thomas and come out a new you!!!

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Govt Cert astt Counselor Bhagwan Kulkarni Pune21 offers Career, Family, Stress Counselling in Pune , Maharashtra , 6/11/2019 5:58:12 AM .

7 Suneet Apt., Opp. Vivekanand Society, Registrar Office, bhagwankul 2/4 Pashan,

9822754723, 9822754723

For Best counseling in Career, Family, Stress; contact Bhagwan Kulkarni Pune21. Mail your information and Whatsapp 9822754723 and then call for an appointment.

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Zenith chemicals in Delhi , Delhi , 12/30/2018 11:21:45 PM .

36 North Audley street Mayfair,London W1K 6ZJ

447939908539, 447939908539

Zenith chemicals provide all the materials (including chemicals, salts, and powders) for the cleaning of anti-breeze banknotes in all forms. We also have the machine for processing huge amounts which can be provided on customer’s demand. We have stock of the different chemicals, salts and powders for processing all banknotes.

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Diabetic Guide, Diabetes Information in Chennai , Tamilnadu , 9/26/2018 3:49:18 AM .

2883 Fannie Street

94444539924,, a website built for all people with diabetes who would like more information about the condition and what can be done to keep this disease from limiting an enjoyable and normal life. Diabetic cases are growing at an alarming rate, with more people diagnosed each year. Understanding the modern environment that is contributing to the growth of diabetes mellitus can help a diabetic person learn about possible pitfalls, such as fast food restaurants, that could be dangerous for their health and identify problematic symptoms of diabetes to control problems before they become worse.

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